Month: November 2017

Computer Security Day

The 21st century has seen electronic devices become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. As technology and electronics have advanced, concerns have arisen regarding privacy and security. With Computer Security Day coming up at the end of the month (November 30), we thought it only apt to share how PrivilegeHR can help keep your business’ and employees’ data secure.

Our easy to use HR system has been designed with small and medium enterprises in mind. The software enables employers to escape employee admin and build, retain and motivate a great team. The innovative system is a safe and secure way to document and organise employee files and data all in one place whilst providing a failsafe system to manage your staff and is a great alternative to the traditional method of keeping paper copies of files and documents. Not only are these difficult to manage and easy to misplace, these can be easily damaged or stolen, compromising your employees security and personal information.

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Planning an office Christmas party

It’s that time of year again; employers all around the country are planning (or have already planned) the annual office Christmas Party. The event typically consists of a night of drinking, eating and socialising, and for most businesses it’s nothing more than some good fun between colleagues. However, it does have the potential to turn ugly so it’s important that employers try to avoid this at all costs.

Office Christmas Parties, even when not held at the office, are still considered ‘work’ and the responsibilities of employers don’t change. With this in mind, if you’re an employer, it’s vital to consider any risks that accompany the night of seemingly harmless fun as you could be held responsible for any harm caused to or by employees. These risks include, but aren’t limited to, arguments and resulting absenteeism. Here at PrivilegeHR, we’ve compiled our top tips for how to avoid the unwanted and simply enjoy the festivities.

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Managing Annual Leave

Managing employee holidays correctly is a huge part of running a business, and failure to do so can cause major problems and complications. Despite its importance, mismanagement of annual leave is extremely common within a lot of companies. So, where do employers tend to go wrong?

It happens all too often – employees build up their annual leave allowance to take at the very end of the leave year. This can cause a multitude of problems for employers, especially if their business has a very busy period where they need all hands-on deck. To avoid this holiday panic, businesses should aim to encourage staff to spread out their annual leave across the year. As well as avoiding the problem of an excessive amount of leave, this will also do wonders to increase employees’ health and motivation which will in turn have positive repercussions on the business.

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Introducing PrivilegeHR

PrivilegeHR was set up by Mary Ball and Peter Waller-Flynn, a duo of HR professionals who collectively hold more than 50 years’ experience in the industry. Following work with several high-profile companies including Marks and Spencer, Jardine Lloyd Thompson and Hochtief FM, the pair made the decision to establish their own HR practice and with that, PrivilegeHR was born.

With the focus on delivering a reliable and personable HR service, we offer a variety of packages tailored around the amount of support needed and the duration of the project for companies requiring both on-going and one-off support. Our aim for the business is to help each client we work with to achieve business growth, cost reduction and improved employee feedback.

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How to avoid HR hindrances when it comes to hiring seasonal staff this Christmas

The Christmas season is fast approaching and this time of year means big business for the hospitality sector, with festive parties and lunches taking over bars, restaurants and hotels across Merseyside and beyond.

Human Resource expert and Founder and Director of PrivilegeHR Peter Waller-Flynn shares industry advice for managing the recruitment process this December.

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