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Mary and Peter celebrate becoming Master Coaches!

Privilege are best placed to deliver HR management training at all levels and will coach and mentor your employees creating an improved performance and culture and this has only been strengthened as both directors are now Master Coaches.

If you are considering an external training provider then look no further.   The combined training experience of both directors within  the Public and Private sector is extensive.

It is our own company mission to continue learning, so recently both Mary and Peter decided to set some time aside for they own personal development and joined Liverpool’s International Coaching Academy ran by John Haynes.

After a 12 week period spending two evenings per week we are delighted to announce that Privilege Directors, Peter and Mary  have completed a Masters Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring at John Haynes, International Coaching Academy in Liverpool.

They both agree that the learning experience they encountered on this course is very difficult to put into words, but it ultimately enables you to gain clarity of your vision and purpose.

Mary also completed John’s Public Speaking course which was invaluableafter this being a requirement in Mary’s positions held the tips she learnt she wish she had learnt at the beginning of her career.

On their journey they made great friends and now call on them for any business advice in their area of work.

A huge thank you to the master himself, John Haynes, who encourages and motivates his learners throughout with his engaging personality and content.

Both Mary and Peter would recommend John Haynes courses to anyone who wants to learn and discover more about themselves and their business. 

With years of experience delivering training and mentoring for business managers and employees across both the Public and Private sector, Privilege’s range of Management training packages are available to suit all levels of your organisation structure.

Both Peter and Mary are happy to discuss your training needs and will offer a free consultation to all companies.

Please call 03333 444 679