People are consuming jobs like they previously consumed goods. People are longing for something else, the psychology of recruitment has changed.

Jon Stanners

Our assessment centres are designed to offer this service and to allow you to engage with applicants, to provide a personalised and compelling candidate experience. We can then turn your candidates into brand advocates.


Candidate Value

The candidate holds value so let’s make it easy for them to transact with us. Privilege HR has an effortless, off the shelf assessment with the flexibility of customisation. We have developed an assessment process, which focuses on core skills of the role and a robust process that will identify the right candidates and improve your future recruitment opportunities.

  • Technical assessment
  • Telephone screening
  • Ability testing
  • Developing in-house managers skills
  • Company participation face-to-face interviewing
  • Full training to your line manager and recruitment leads
  • Rapid feedback to enhance the candidate experience

Assessment Centres

Privilege HR’s recruitment solution allows you to manage large volume of high calibre candidates with minimum time investment from your organisation. We provide assessments that can be effortlessly scored and benchmarked.

We align the recruitment solution to your organisational values or competencies, as required. This produces high levels of customer-interaction, including role-plays undertaken with live actors and new-style teamwork exercises.

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