All recruitment begins with casting the net and searching for candidates. With Privilege HR, before we begin any search we take an in-depth organisational insight into your current and future workforce planning needs.


In-depth organisational insight

By assessing your current workforce we can understand if it is aging or is it millennial. Who are the key influencers and can we turn them into advocates?

From organisation charts we can highlight flight risks and engage with stay interviews and assess current recruitment campaigns to assess if they are planned or reactive.

Targeted recruitment

With access to the latest attraction tools, market presence, strong social networks and experience we can create targeted campaigns to find the right candidates that include:

  • Advertising by radio, press and social media – Bespoke candidate attraction videos
  • Careers Fairs
  • Venue sourcing
  • Developing relationships with academic institutions

Social, Social, Social

People live on different channels and flick between them. Whether we like social media or not it’s where your potential employees are and it is a great opportunity to target and engage with them. Privilege HR can help drive your brand online and take control of how you communicate with candidates – plus it’s free so let’s get your story out.

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